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Shipping & Return Policy

1. Shipping

  • FGEN thoroughly goes through the packaging process for all customers before shipping the product

  • The shipping date is based on business days. It may be delayed depending on the stock and local delivery agency situation

  • When the multiple orders include delayed items, the products will be shipped after securing all the stocks for the ordered items

  • Shipping date may be changed depending on the order status

  • Customers will be responsible for any shipping fee for exchanging products due to a simple change of mind or mistake

  • Differences in the standard may occur depending on the method of measurement

2. Shipping lost or damage

All products will be delivered through the USPS or UPS to US addresses only. In case of loss or damage due to the carriers, you need to complain before the deadline below:

  • Damage: within 14 days of the date on which the package has been shipped out

  • Lost: within 30 days of the date on which the package has been shipped out

  • Investigation cannot be received if the time limit for loss or damage has expired

3. Order Cancellation

  • ALL SALE ARE FINAL: Once the order has been completed, there is no cancellation allowed

4. Exchange Guide
If there is any guidance on exchange in the product description, it will be prioritized over the details below

  • You may request an exchange within 14 days of receiving the product due to defect. Your orders may not be exchanged under the conditions below

      * If the exchange period has passed

      * If the packaging of product with possibility of reproduction has been damaged: ex) CD/LP, DVD/Blu-ray, Software, Comic Book, Magazine, Video/Photo Book

      * If the products are destructed or damaged by the purchaser

  • The exchange may not proceed if the product is shipped without the exchange application. Please contact us before sending back the product

  • Multiple orders cannot be combined after the order is processed

  • The options of the ordered products cannot be changed once the order is completed. Please cancel your order and start over

  • Exchange will proceed once we receive the product. The product cannot be exchanged with other products

5. Omission / Damage / Defect Guide

  • For exchange process of omitted/damaged/defective products, you will need an unboxing video of the product. Please make sure to film the initial condition of the product when you unbox the item (We may not be able to respond to your request if there is no unboxing video.)

  • For any omission/damage/defect of the product, please capture the unboxing video where it shows the purchased product, composition, quantity, and image and makes an inquiry at the bottom of the FGEN website (If the image cannot confirm the details of omission / damage / defect, we may request the unboxing video additionally)

  • Products contents (album, goods, magazine etc.) with any small scratches or contamination which was caused by the distribution process, cannot be exchanged

  • The outer case of the product is to protect the product, and the contamination and damages that may occur during the distribution process cannot be the reason for exchange

  • CD/LP, DVD/Blu-ray can only be checked as defective when playback is poor. Minor scratches on the CD itself are not defective

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